Lumen Umbra - 2017 - Present

Wood, Metal, Light - Various Dimensions

Lumen Umbra are platonic solid shaped sculptures that cast intricate shadows and turn surrounding space into a mesmerizing ambiance of light and darkness. Heavily influenced by math, geometry, science and nature, the laser cut patterns create illusions of form, where the shape of the prism is lost trough the projective translation of light to shadow.

Lumen Umbra, or Light Shadow, invites play and conversation. The lanterns are interactive, they really come to life when interaction happens. The emitted color ranges from sharp bright hues to warm diffuse and comforting, depending on piece and the context.

Laser Cut Artwork Ant1
Icosahedron Laser Cut light Art
Lumen Umbra Shadow lights art
Light Artwork Lumen Umbra
Dodecahedron Portal Light Laser Cut
Dodecahedron Light Shadows
Neon Colors Dodecahedron art light
Lumen Umbra Ant1 Lights artwork Shadows
Icosahedron Spirals Light Artwork