Halcyon Light

Birch Ply, Stain, hardware, Light - 60cm high x 43cm diameter

Halcyon is a word meant to evoke bliss and tranquility, as well gold and lush. This light prism has the structure of a dodecahedron where one of the faces has been removed and the adjacent faces are left to collide together, forming a spire. The pattern creates a shimmering moire effect when the observer moves the angle of sight.

Intended a either a table light or a floor light, the Halcyon casts mesmerizing sharp shadows when using a color adjustable RGB light bulb. When a warm white bulb is used, the shadows are much softer and the light emanates a sense of comfort, bliss and wonder. Halcyon.

The light has a brown walnut stain inside and the outside is left in a natural color finished with high quality coating. It has a laminated wood base with a standard size screw in bulb socket embedded in a stacked ply enclosure. The bottom of the base has cork feet. The white cord is braided and has a switch towards the plug end. The light comes with both a special shadow casting color bulb and a soft warm colored bulb.

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