Record Crates - 2020

Revisiting a classic controversial vinyl record storage - Laminated Baltic Birch

Milk crates are one of these few objects that have been too well made for their own good. I am incapable of thinking of an item that was built for a very specific niche, the milk industry, and yet was so conveniently repurposed into other uses. It is unclear when in history this happened, but the dimensions of the crates were changed in an attempt to limit theft. What used to be the perfect solution for storing vinyl records has now disappeared and left place to a slightly too small storage unit. Yet, milk crate theft is apparently still a loss of 80M$+ just in the USA, mostly due to plastic re-sellers.

This is an attempt at recreating the quintessential record box, respecting the original nostalgic industrial look while giving it warmth and style that will endure through the next century.

Oh yeah, and it actually fits records! About 50 LP to be more precise. And on top of that, law enforcement can’t ruin your day about it. Unless you play the music very loud, which is probably worth it anyways.