Decussate Pendant Light

Vacuum Laminated Birch Ply, Stain, Light

Part of the “continuum” exploration of lighting, the Decussate Pendant Light is an exploration in geometric continuous lines through a dodecahedron’s intersecting planes. The word decussate, most often used to describe observable things the natural world, means two or more objects cross or intersect each other to form an X. The connection pieces mark the center of the faces of the platonic solid. A sphere is inserted in the middle of the structure, creating a void space where the light shines.

A nod to its fabrication technique, the cut reveals an inner black wood construction, forming a line that stays uninterrupted in its course through the structure through the connection of the various parts. Both icosahedron and dodecahedron, the pendant relates the two analogous solids to each-other. Minimalist and modern, slightly sci-fi yet appeasing.