Cardboard Lights

Recycled Cardboard

More time spent inside ultimately brings the desire to change your surroundings. Less time with friends leads to yearning for warmth. Rising price of wood and shortage of fancy supplies meant to get down to the simpler things. I made a cardboard light for our home. Then another one. Reading a book underneath felt great. Then I made another another one. And after that the other other other one.

Cardboard is normally seen as a commodity fulfilling a means rather than an end. It rarely spends much time in our company, as it usually is the vehicle for an object more worthy of our attention. It serves for a fleeting moment, and then gets forgotten, hopefully out of sight. Here, the value of using such a material and giving it a noble character is intrinsically wholesome. This very trait makes these lights feel warm, inviting and familiar. Using parametric design, the cardboard is laser cut into discs. It is then assembled by hand, stacking and rotating the layers to create patterns of a solar system like inspiration.