ANT1 Art & Design makes intricate works that merge natural elements with cutting edge technologies.

Using knowledge and experience based design tactics, ANT1 brings to life the immaterial. A combination of intuitive, technical and parametric drawing processes is used to construct projects with meticulous attention to details.

Asides from computer assisted design, the work is created using CNC laser cutting, vacuum laminating, spray finishing and more traditional woodworking stuff.

Ant1 art & design Workshop


Create moments of wonder, conversation, reflection, and spark joy.

Transcend the material object through perception and emotion.

Consider our planet with every choice made. Inspiration from nature and its infinite complexity.

Connect with individuals and communities.

Tap into the collective consciousness and elevate it, even if just a tiny bit.


After completing a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Montreal in 2013,  I picked up tree-planting work as a desire to try something new. Through a few years of grueling work in the forest, I fell in love with British Columbia and moved to the charming community of Rossland. My time here has been a reflection on my creative desires and a confrontation to pursue them.

My work is influenced by nature, light, geometry, science, and a wish to create experiences of marvel for people paying attention. Driven by passion and perhaps a bit of an obsession to challenge myself, I play with any medium necessary to make what idea I have in mind, with a proficiency in digital design and fabrication. My projects always have in mind sustainability, functionality and effect on others and their environment.

When I am not geeking out and creating, I am usually outside somewhere, exerting some kind of physical effort, juggling with musical instruments and dancing to weirdly intricate sounds. Probably naked, too.

It is a bubble.