Photons dancing… everywhere…



Explorations in materiality through different mediums, sideways and upside down. 

Showing what isn’t there. Finding syzygy past the ormolu.

If I can’t make it I will likely want to make it.


I completed a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Montreal in 2013. I relocated to British Columbia a few years later. Currently living in the Kootenays in the mountain community of Rossland. My time here has been a reflection on my creative desires and a confrontation to pursue them.

My work is influenced by nature, light, geometry, science, and a wish to create experiences of marvel for people paying attention. Driven by passion and perhaps a bit of an obsession to challenge myself, I play with any medium necessary to make what idea I have in mind, with a proficiency in digital design and fabrication. My projects always have in mind sustainability, functionality and effect on others and their environment.

Another interest of mine involves social justice and infrared light.

If I am not creating, I may be found outside somewhere, exerting some kind of physical effort, juggling with musical instruments and dancing to intricately crafted arrangements of sound. Most likely naked.